Enterprise Integration  
  Managing IT infrastructure is a full-time job. Your company’s installed technology can demand incredible investments in time and energy just to keep it operating, secure, and performing at optimal levels.   Endless tasks of spam filtering, security patch updating, virus and spyware management, workstation security, software distribution along with the dizzying “improvements and upgrades” can leave the hardest working staff in a state of disarray.  

As technology becomes more prevalent in every business function, it is important to understand the benefits of having programs in place that can communicate effectively with other mission-critical systems. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is, in simple terms, the integration of these various programs and systems to streamline your overall business process.

Macmans implements EAI by using a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), where additional services, or programs, are developed to interconnect multiple disparate systems, aiding in the communication of data.

Often, these systems can also be web-enabled by creating a common user interface that is accessible from the Internet. By web-enabling systems that were once only available from a single location, your employees and customers can retrieve data at any time, providing around-the-clock access to systems once available only during business hours.

In large and complex organizations, there are many systems and data sources. Information is passed from system-to-system, and interface costs are significant.

To accomplish true portfolio analysis, once must understand how all of the information assets relate, and in particular how they align with critical business processes. This type of analysis is facilitated using an Enterprise Architecture, a documented understanding of all of the critical components of such an analysis. Macmans has extensive experience in the development of Enterprise Architectures for some of the largest private and public organizations in the world.

Macmans Enterprise Application Integration services allow you to maximize your company's potential by eliminating the need for multiple manual data-entry processes, reducing the possibility of human errors, and supporting a 24-hour business environment.