Cisco Solutions  

Cisco is the Worldwide leader in Networking that transforms how people connect, communicate and collaborate. Cisco’s customers are the Fortune 5000 and Cisco reaches these companies via an indirect channel sales model.

Their strategic intent is to own the Network & Data Center with a focus is on Physical and Virtual Networks, Servers and Data Centers. The most recent sales figures available show Cisco at $36B in sales with $35B cash on hand and a market cap of $140B. Cisco recently replaced GM on the Dow Jones.


Macmans has made great strides in the past year with its relationship with Cisco. We currently have distinct projects moving forward with Cisco and Cisco now views Macmans as a key network and service management solution provider for Cisco Networks.

Macmans provides the following key points of value:

  • Effective Service Level Management: Baseline, assess and track services through the network, and communicate adherence to SLAs and OLAs to business and technical audiences.
  • Proactive Service Assurance: Use policy-based monitoring to detect service degradations before customers or end users are impacted.
  • Rapid Problem Resolution: Resolve the true cause of the problem through event correlation, root cause analysis (RCA), and linkage with real-time and historical reporting.
  • Predictive Capacity Planning: Use intelligent embedded algorithms that help network operations teams identify when and where to make LAN and WAN changes to keep service within expected performance thresholds