RADWIN, a manufacturer of carrier-grade wireless backhaul products announced an update to their products, enabling powerful network management tools such as VLAN and Quality of Service (QOS) as well as rock-solid redundancy features including 1+1 redundant failover and self-healing ring-topology links.
RADWIN also released a number of new hardware products including a GPS module to sync
transmissions between multiple high-sites.


The great news is that 5.725 to 5.875MHz is now licence exempt. For PtMP (point to multi-point) setups the transmit power limit is now 4 Watts EIRP.
PtP (point to point) backhauls are now allowed to use a staggering 200Watts (in this frequency band). What does this mean to systems integrators , WISPs & the end user? 

Staying within the legal limit of 200Watts you can create a 70Mbps full duplex link of 50 kilometres! On the limit of power & distance it is possible to have 20Mbps full duplex at 120 kilometres. This can be achieved assuming you have LOS (line of sight) and that you are using Radwin 2000 C-Series radios with 33dBi dual polarized antennas.


Speed & distance performance are key factors to consider when choosing your brand of backhaul equipment. However multimedia traffic including Voice over IP, online games, IP-TV and more, are all time sensitive applications.
Quality of service is now a major concern for most SIs (system integrators) & WISPs (wireless Internet service providers). Radwins C-Series radios new QoS capabilities ensure seamless end-to-end transmission of VoIP & Video data over congested links.

The quality of these applications is reliant on end to end Quality of Service (QoS), which can be effected by latency (delay),  variation of latency (Jitter) and packet loss. The implementation of QoS involves the marking of the various traffic types. A network has to prioritize the transmission of time-sensitive application frames over other traffic frames.

* Supported in RADWIN 2000 C-Series only, when using IDU-C, IDU-E (RW-7100 Series) and PoE device.