A look into the past...

Established in the mid 2000's to provide on-site hardware maintenance and Software Development to its customers Macman's Intelligent Systems wealth of experience covers every aspect of IT.

We provide a nationwide maintenance service to every sector and size of business 24 hours a day seven days a week. To complement our maintenance and development services and give our customers the benefit of our expertise we have developed a range of IT Solutions.

Macman's Intelligent Systems (Proprietary) Limited is exclusively positioned as a market leader and a trendsetter in Information Communication Technology and Business Development, providing a complete range of technologies and business development utilities

The company started out researching its technologies and market gap at the CSIR campus in 2004 for the development, manufacturing and creation of its systems. Our ability to provide a wide range of business information communication technologies and business development utilities solutions has been achieved through organic growth and key acquisitions.

Macmans is known for its understanding of the information communication technology business, business development, its integrity and commitment in delivering solutions to empower corporate production decision-making. Our clients include the, government, Private companies, large law enforcement companies in South Africa as well as SMME's client base.

We aim to continuously strive to achieve global best practice through service delivery, skills development and state of the art equipments and information technology. Our Integrated technology facilities provides a unique capability to offer a total, single-source solution , supported by a willingness to undertake difficult and challenging work.

Our excellent track record in the information technology, manufacturing and business development is widely respected, and we also serve clients in the automotive, telecommunication, utilities and law enforcement industries.