Support & Maintenance

Macmans helps companies retain competitive advantage, run more efficiently and deliver on customer commitments. With offerings ranging from basic hardware and software service plans to enterprise-wide IT infrastructure support, Macmans provides the expertise, fast response, product updates and tools you need to excel in IT Operations and in your business

We have been developing our range of managed support services for nearly five years which has resulted in the most comprehensive and flexible portfolio to be found anywhere in the market. Clients can choose every level of support required from entry level infrastructure support, to pay-as-you-go solutions right through to fully all encompassing 24/7 nationwide support cover.

Macman’s Intelligent Systems translate these advanced technologies and business solutions into value for customers through its professional solutions and business services nationwide.

What we offer

? Complete Support Services

? Managed Support Services

? Software Support Services

? Hardware Maintenance Services

? Solution Support Services

? Pay-as-you-go Support Services

? Network Management

When your network is down, your business is down. So you can't wait hours for a fix. Even if you have the qualified onsite staff to solve the problem, their time is better spent working on other projects. You need immediate help. And you need an aggressive program of ongoing maintenance to insure that problems never happen in the first place.

Macmans provides both remote and onsite support that keeps your systems running at peak performance 24/7. This is our single-source services designed to help keep your multivendor environment operating at peak performance.