Networking Services

Macmans network systems solutions help enable anytime, anywhere, secure communications throughout your company and across the Internet. This is achieved by bringing together core networking functions, including routing, switching, security, WAN optimization, and Internet services. Requirements for anytime, anywhere access, automated supply chains and Web-based revenue streams help make an optimized network vitally important.

The introduction of voice, video and real-time collaboration applications and the trend to consolidate data centres highlight the need for high performance in a network that must also contribute to cost control.

Choosing a systems-based or intelligent network solution provides everything required for secure and comprehensive intranet and Internet services. This approach:

  • Allows networking to transfer individual computer and user security responsibilities to the network itself, centralizing IT security

  • High-speed plus highest security

  • Creates a network that adapts to changing needs.

  • Views the network as an orderly, organized system rather than a collection of disparate, individually managed boxes

Whether you only want to network two PCs or hundreds of workstations: Macmans can implement individually tailored Ethernet solutions to link up local networks of your subsidiaries, branch offices or plants, or even to join computing centers together.

Ethernet use is the proven standard in nearly all local company networks, and is not restricted to a given region: We supply you with all the technology right to your door and integrate it seamlessly into your existing ICT infrastructure – our plug-and-play system requires practically no technical effort or investment on your part.

Choose one of Macmans Ethernet solutions if a future-proof and fail-safe high-speed platform is important to you. If you want to send data at near real time rates, thanks to transmission speeds of up to several gigabits per second. And if you want to have the best possible protection against attacks by hackers, thanks to your own leased lines