Security Services

In today's networked world, you need cast-iron protection. Macmans comprehensive security portfolio delivers the seamless support you need , across the entire value chain. And our solutions provide end-to-end coverage for your networks, systems, applications, and business processes.

Through world-class solutions that address risk across each aspect of your business, we can help you build a strong security posture that helps you reduce costs, improve service, and manage risk. Learn how IBM can help you cost-effectively embrace change and innovation without compromising security.


  • Identity and Access Management
  • Managed Security Services
  • Professional Security Services
  • Enterprise Security Management
  • Virtualization Security Solutions
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance Services
  • Data Security Services
  • Application Security Services
  • Infrastructure Security Services
  • Physical Security Services
  • Seamless ICT Infrastructure Security

Security issues can crop up at any time. But resolving them is often far from easy. To ensure your company 's business processes run smoothly, a bullet-proofed IT system is essential. Macmans plans, develops, integrates, and operates systems that allow office-based and mobile staff to work securely, giving you, and you alone, total control over your data and processes.

Security risk assessment: Services from Macmans Security Services are designed to assess your security vulnerabilities, help you address gaps in your security controls and facilitate the development of effective processes that can position IT to optimally support your business needs.

Macmans provides a variety of solutions for providing compliance with stringent regulations for the handling of protected electronic records under HITECH.

These solutions help organizations store, secure, transmit, and find records in any format, as well as identify at risk content before a data privacy breach occurs. Implementation of Macmans solutions can help organizations achieve safe harbor under the HITECH Act by encrypting regulated content and preventing a data privacy breach.