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Macman's Intelligent Systems corporate philanthropy spans the country with diverse and sustained giving programs. The primary focus of our corporate citizenship activities is on developing initiatives to address specific societal issues and sustained programs such as education, workforce developments, art & culture, sports, Christian's organization and communities in need through target grants of technology and project funds.

We employ Macman's most valuable resources, our technology and talent, in order to create innovative programs in these areas to assist communities around the country.

In improving access for previously disadvantaged communities into tertiary education, Macman's has developed a program to grant mini-study bursaries to individuals to pursue their studies at South African tertiary institutions.

Macman's Intelligence has further introduced a funding scheme for Christian's organizations and churches for the advancement of the Gospel throughout the nation.

Among other initiatives, the company has support programs for internal staff, sports, art and culture. Our efforts are focused on preparing the next generation of leaders and workers to have a stable and innovative educational background as we also support community priorities and concerns.

The initiatives are not once of programs but sustainable investments to ensure that the recipients gain value from our association with them over a long run. Our activities are designed to help people to become smarter, and to develop future leaders capable of improving the quality of life for themselves and their communities, making for a smarter country.

This commitment to corporate citizenship innovation requires that we go beyond simple checkbook philanthropy. We are working in full collaborative partnership with public and nonprofit organizations to design technology solutions that address specific problems.

This type of long-lasting, strategic partnership requires our grantee organizations to make significant commitments to us, to go beyond business as usual, to set clear benchmarks and to focus on measurable results. It results in smarter schools and nonprofit organizations, and a smarter future for us all.