Disaster Recovery

Wide variety of emergencies, like hurricanes, earthquakes, and blizzards, require continuity planning throughout national, provincial and local governments. These disasters can have a widespread impact on an organization or agency and its ability to support the public due to the "immediate" loss of physical facility assets, application servers, network infrastructures, and more.

Maintaining productivity requires a solid, scalable backup and recovery strategy to alleviate the risk of data loss. Yet few solutions offer the security, speed and flexibility required by today's high transactional data volumes and sensitivity

Traditional disaster recovery solutions are often costly and complex”and can' meet your recovery objectives even after doubling hardware (and cost) for protected applications. Testing them can be a nightmare because the steps are tedious and the documentation is hard to keep up to date.

Without an effective data backup and recovery strategy, you may be compromising on information security, business continuity and operational efficiency, over your own peace of mind. Macmans Information Protection Services remote data protection provides a professionally managed, cloud-based data backup service that can help provide you with higher service levels, improved business continuity, support for compliance management, long-term archiving, faster data backups and increased return on investments.

· Enables you to gain operational resiliency through cloud-based information protection
· Safeguards your distributed data more effectively with an automated backup and recovery system
· Helps reduce costs by better planning for and predicting future expenses
· Reduce risk of data loss through private cloud-based information protection and automated backup for comprehensive end-to-end retrieval, restoral and recovery
· Enable rapid data backup and recovery and faster time to protection by leveraging partners private high-performance network with visibility into utilization and latency
· Protect data through a more resilient, security-rich and flexible infrastructure that can adapt to changing requirements
· Recovers functionality of multivendor technology (IT) platforms, operating systems and peripherals
· Provides data retrieval options ranging from tape backup to full system mirroring
· Rapidly recovers operating systems, applications and data

A remote access plan is a critical component of an overall business continuity disaster recovery plan. Remote or isolated emergency workers must continue their critical roles during times of emergency, and must have secure and reliable access to an organization's key information databases and application servers. Recovery options for multivendor technology offer comprehensive, flexible information technology recovery programs tailored to your multivendor IT environment, scope of business and availability requirements. We offer a full range of IT recovery options, from simple hardware replacement to highly-complex mirrored environments.