Hosting Services

In the hosting industry, we're in a unique position. Working with us, you'll experience the cost-competitiveness, speed and intimacy of a hosting provider while benefiting from the depth of resources, breadth of capabilities and inherent security of a global leader in technology-enabled services and solutions.

We help organizations derive value from their application investments by providing hosting solutions that maximize the reliability of the infrastructure, the availability of the information and the security of their data.

At Macmans, we provide enterprise-class hosting solutions that supply the application infrastructures businesses need today while providing the architecture to support future goals.

We offer comprehensive services that promote a secure and responsive infrastructure in these key areas:

  • Business Application Hosting
  • Web Hosting
  • Data Center Hosting
  • Managed Application Hosting
  • SaaS Hosting

We build our offerings on standards-based technology using leveraged resource pools, consistent processes and expansive management and reporting tools.

This allows us to deliver an adaptable, component-based portfolio that provides the stability of standard service modules with the flexibility to meet unique business and risk management requirements. And, since we attain and measure service performance across all the components of the architecture — we deliver quality of service with true end-to-end service level agreements (SLAs) for our client's applications and infrastructure components.

Macmans delivers a highly flexible, scalable IT infrastructure that can be deployed for a variety of applications. It comprises an intelligent combination of servers, an operating system and management services that also includes storage systems, backup and security services. Automation and standardization enable the highly efficient utilization of available resources.

All this has a positive impact on pricing: our approach to infrastructure management translates into low-cost operation and dynamic pricing models based on actual consumption.