Server Services

Almost universally, organizations have spent the last few decades increasing their use of IT to support business operations. More business applications. More enterprise e-mail capabilities. More automation. More access to data and the Internet, both inside and outside the office.

Our services include

  • Server Optimization and Integration Services
  • Server Managed Services
  • Emerging Server Technology Services
  • Server Product Services

To keep up with increasing business demands and emerging technologies, many organizations added additional capacity — often finding themselves laden with complex, sprawling IT infrastructures. Management costs increased while server utilization rates fell. Meanwhile, mergers and acquisitions contributed to the complexity.

Little by little, organizations are regaining control over their server infrastructures, realizing that the complexity can make it difficult to adapt to changing business conditions. They are aiming to simplify and optimize their computing environments in order to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Achieve business innovation initiatives
  • Improve application and network service levels
  • Deploy new applications and technologies quickly and cost-effectively
  • Streamline mergers and acquisitions
  • Address compliance with corporate policies and governmental regulations
  • Manage business growth
  • Macmans provides a broad portfolio of server services to help you optimize your computing environment and cost-effectively improve its utilization, availability, security and management. We can help you build and manage a dynamic infrastructure that supports business, operational and product innovation.

Macmans server services can help your organization:

  • Refresh technology quickly to boost productivity
  • Respond more rapidly to changing business requirements
  • Optimize IT assets by transforming and automating services
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Create a security-rich, highly available server environment
  • Address governmental regulations
  • Enhance in-house resource skills
  • Free resources to focus on developing new capabilities
  • Lower costs and increase revenue