Wireless Services

Macmans sees endless opportunity for the wireless industry to create innovative devices, ground-breaking solutions and game-changing business models. By continually exploring the limits of wireless technologies, Macmans is accelerating mobility - determined to make life more productive and meaningful for people, organizations and communities everywhere.

Macmans is a leader in development, deployment and evolution of all major wireless air interfaces, including CDMA, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, TDMA, and WLAN. Our services is superior because of our unique ability to enable the entire solution - public/private partnerships, full life-cycle services, value-driven applications and trusted broadband networking technologies.

Businesses expect their WANs to provide wider reach, better security, and improved performance than in the past, while costing less to implement and operate. The growing number of networked applications and users accessing the WAN creates the need for an extended and consolidated network infrastructure.

Macmans WAN solutions help businesses extend their network cost-effectively by leveraging both the existing FR/ATM circuits and high-speed links like cable/DSL and Metro Ethernet. Using various network solutions, firewall/VPN devices, and WX WAN acceleration platforms, organizations can securely extend WANs to remote locations and improve application performance over the WAN, even in environments with constrained global links and applications contending for the same bandwidth.

With Macmans wireless solutions, you can easily manage your communications assets, regardless of whether they're wired or wireless.

Keep your business up and running with the Macmans Mobile Broadband Router service. Our convenient, reliable wireless back-up and failover option will help keep your business connected during a network outage. If you lose your primary connection, the service will automatically reconnect via wireless routers to restore your Internet and private IP connections.