Access Control Solutions

The ultimate aim of authentication technology is to provide access to an authorised person only.

Our access control solutions range from single door, stand-alone card access systems to fully-featured and integrated solutions for controlling access to multiple facilities with complex requirements. Our access control systems are complimented by a complete line of biometric, proximity, and iButton readers as well as photo ID systems and accessories.

Everything you expect from a top quality time and attendance system to replace manual clock cards. Biometric technologies provide unrivalled site security for your home or business.

Macmans offers a wide range of access control systems and reader technologies.

  • Proximity
  • Biometrics
  • Wireless Access
  • Keypad
  • ibutton
  • Visitor Management System
  • Web-based Access Control
  • Software

Macmans team of professionals is dedicated to designing and building the best in access control systems that address today's real-world security challenges.

Whether your organization or business is a small regional enterprise or a multi-national corporation with locations around the globe, Macmans has the right access control solution that gives you total control from one system.

Our products provide you with the ability to totally control access to certain areas, by access privilege, time of day restrictions, as well as place a hold on employee access privileges until a supervisor or manager as arrived on site.

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