Call Centre Solutions

Macmans Call Center solutions enable you to maintain optimal contact with your customers

Macmans Contact Center products / Solutions fully harness the latest developments in Internet technologies to flexibly connect with customers, and dramatically change your Contact Center economics.

Macmans Contact Center concept facilitates the dialog with the customer - and does so using state-of-the-art technology. Phone contacts - as wall as fax, e-mail and Internet contacts - are distributed and processed in the Contact Center according to clearly defined rules.

Macmans also offers companies all the important services related to the Contact Center - from planning, project management and integration into the complete customer network infrastructure right through to implementation, operation and support.

Our contact center solution is innovative in its all-in-one, open standards architecture for multi-channel interactions as well as SIP and VoIP.

When it comes to your customers, building a better experience around them gives you the ultimate advantage. Our all-in-one contact center solution lets you make each customerís experience an exceptional one.