CRM Solutions

Winning new customers and retaining existing ones – with CRM services from Macmans.

At Macmans, we regard CRM as a journey, not a destination. It involves shifting your focus from your products and channels to your customer. It means streamlining and integrating your sales, marketing and customer service.Our extensive customer relationship management business consulting capabilities can help you achieve your goals.

Winning new customers and maintaining existing customer relationships is the focus of every company’s business policy. These objectives can only be achieved through reliable information and effective dialogue with existing and potential customers. Electronic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the ideal tool for these tasks.

Macmans Customer Management provides more relevant conversations with your customers, which lead to more profitable, satisfying and longer-lasting relationships by harnessing a powerful combination of advanced analytics and marketing communication features. Based on the robust Macmans database engine, Macmans offers these critical components of marketing effectiveness:

  • Campaign Management
  • Marketing Resource Management
  • Offer Management
  • Active Analytics
  • Integrated Web Intelligence
  • Interaction Management
  • Communication Management

Done right, the results can be extremely powerful:

  • Lower contact center costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction and sales conversion rates
  • Improved sales performance across all channels (direct, indirect and partner)
  • Reduced field service operations costs

From building blocks such as customer databases, to complete virtual communication centers: Macmans offers your business tailor-made CRM solutions – from consulting, to system implementation, to operation.